Help Center

The Samesurf Help Center provides helpful hints on how best to leverage our platform for a multitude of use cases, roles and user experience journeys.

Quick Guide

The Quick Guide provides an abridged summary of the primary feature sets and workflows for starting and joining Samesurf sessions.

For Consumers

This For Consumers Section gives critical information on Samesurf’s features and broad applicability for consumer uses like shopping & watching videos together.

For Business

This For Business Section offers in-depth insights on Samesurf’s business related features and uses cases for tasks like remote support & assisted sales.


This Integration Section sets forth direct links to the Samesurf APIs while also including a review of the site-embed options for initiating and joining cobrowse sessions.


This Features Section provides a short summary of the primary feature sets that support the Samesurf Cobrowse platform.


This FAQs Section outlines a comprehensive review of frequently asked questions which relate to Samesurf’s basic components, features & security elements.

Best Practices

This Best Practices Section offers critical insights relating to Samesurf’s system, browser and other requirements while providing recommendations for optimal usage.

Contact Us

This Contact Us Section lists different channels that our clients, prospects and partners can use to get in touch with us on a 365/24/7 basis.