Bid Farewell to Screen Sharing Forever

Samesurf’s code and install-free platform pairs features like HD video chat and element redaction with in-page control passing and upload & share to support the most advanced shared browsing engine in the world.

Samesurf Cobrowse

Browse every form of content together from any device, browser or mobile app.

Increase Conversion Rates

Achieve significant business results by elevating conversions by 29%.

Improve Support Times

Improve average support interaction times by a factor of over 42%.

Amplify Client Satisfaction

Assist clients as they fill out forms and securely browse through online experiences.

Samesurf Features- Cobrowsing

In-Page Control Passing

Take turns navigating within the same page without giving up device control.

Samesurf Features - Control Passing

Pass Control Without Giving Up System Access

Enable full interactivity across devices without relinquishing system control.

Toggle Control Passing On and Off as a Configurable Option

Customize each implementation to include or exclude control passing.

Leverage Multi-Leader Mode for Simultaneous Interactivity

Embrace multi-leader mode to bypass the requirement to manually pass control amongst users.

Element Redaction

Restrict real time sharing of sensitive screen elements while redacting data like credit card numbers.

Redact Private Elements like Input Boxes and Preexisting Content

Secure all sensitive CSS elements via our AI systems or developer component tagging.

Base Redaction on Enumerated User Roles

Choose what each participant sees within shared sessions based on their specific roles.

Comply with GDPR, HIPAA and PCI-DSS Standards

Comply with the express directives of the strictest of data security regimes.

Samesurf Features - Input Field Blocking

HD Audio & Video Chat

Enhance the shared browsing experience by integrating hi-def audio & video chat capabilities.

Samesurf Features - Video Chat

Facilitate Collaboration via Real Time Audio and Facial Communication

Augment the shared visual experience with a parallel voice.

Toggle between HD Audio, Video and Live Messaging

Choose the communication format that best suits your use cases.

Deploy Technology that only uses Standard Ports 80 and 443

Bypass the need to undertake extensive IT modifications to use visual engagement solutions.

Upload & Share

Deliver synchronized presentations, documents and videos without starting formal Samesurf sessions.

Share Cobrowse Enabled Documents in Real Time

Transition from sharing screens to sharing individual forms of content.

Toggle between Different Modes via a Single Click

Choose between sharing web content, individual files or offline elements by switching modes.

Authenticate Users via Uploading of ID Cards

Empower end users to verify their identities by uploading authoritative materials like driver's licenses.

Samesurf Features - Upload & Share

Comprehensive Analytics

Garner valuable analytics to achieve better insights & enterprise grade evidentiary support.

Samesurf Features - Analytics

Capture In-Depth Analytics to Inform Product Decisions

Leverage analytics and reactions to presented content to guide product roadmaps.

Comply with Strict Regulatory Regimes by Capturing Evidentiary Support

Ensure that shared interactions comply with even the most stringent of data security protocols.

Inform Personnel in Various Roles with Real Time Data

Distribute insights derived from real time analytics to decision makers throughout the organization.

Screen Sharing

Toggle into install-free screen sharing to display offline content from the user desktop.

Utilize Traditional Screen Sharing to Stream Offline Content

Leverage install-free screen sharing to share either the whole screen or individual windows on the desktop.

Toggle between Online and Offline Content Sharing

Collaborate across all forms of content by transitioning between cobrowse and screen sharing mode.

Customize Implementations with Different Feature Sets

Include the option to leverage screen sharing based on specific roles, subscriptions and use cases.

Samesurf Features - Screen Share

Session Recording

Record and distribute audio, video and screen elements from the synched experience.

Samesurf Features - Session Recording

Record all Session Elements for Compliance and Training

Comply with all security protocols by augmenting text based analytics with live recordings.

Store Recordings within External Repositories or the Samesurf Cloud

Access session recordings via the Samesurf Cloud or your own cloud infrastructure by accessing our APIs.

Share Recordings via Personalized Links

Invite other participants to view the session recordings by activating an install-free link.

Samesurf delivers incredibly advanced cobrowsing that launches from any device or content format within seconds.

Michael Schwab

Senior Director of Strategic Partner Solutions

Enterprise Software for Every Enterprise

Samesurf Pro includes features for conducting sessions from within our Dashboard while Samesurf Enterprise supports direct integrations and a slew of customized options.


This option includes essential features for the Stand Alone Service.


Get Started
  • Install & Code-Free Cobrowse
  • In-Page Control Passing
  • HD Audio & Video Chat
  • Upload & Share with 10GB Storage
  • Traditional Screen Sharing
  • High Definition Video Sharing
  • Instant Text & Link Messaging
  • Session Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Help Center Support


This option includes the Pro Version and Custom Feature Sets.


Contact Sales
  • Website & App Integration via REST API
  • Screen Redaction for Sensitive Elements
  • Mobile App Cobrowsing for iOS & Android
  • Solo Tenant & Self-Hosted Cloud Deployments
  • Dedicated Server Based Pricing
  • Interface White Labeling
  • Domain Whitelisting
  • Session Recording
  • Management Portal Access
  • Priority Support & Enhanced SLAs